Interview with dead harrison

1. Who are you and how did the band get started?

Drummer/Lead Singer, Andre' Dumont: (Also known as Drae, Dr. Drae, The Doctor, Drum Doctah, MacGyver, Bunny, The Count, Count Draecula ….2,3,4 ah ah ah ah!). How the band got started, is more a story of how I kept on going. In my early years as a musician, I was still finding the course, playing drums and singing occasionally. I had recently been let go from another project and was in a do or die kind of place. The music wouldn't stop, it still needed a path. After months of nothing, I browsed good ol' Craigslist and found some guys to jam with and started from there. It's not the same group of gents we have now, but an earlier incarnation known as Graveyard Shift and pretty much a different band altogether. Things change, people change, and a shift begins. Again, I was in a place where I needed to move ahead. Enter Shawn the Dead. My younger brother. "Hey, you wanna start a band together?" We then hired our bassist Jason Skulls. And we had ourselves a three piece then known as Mortuus Ortus, roughly translated from Latin to "Dead Having Risen". We kept making the music, finally settling on the name Dead Harrison as a play on the Latin name of the band, and we've been rocking out together ever since.

Bassist, Jason Skulls: Andre's band Graveyard Shift disbanded and he was looking to reform it. I knew I wanted to be in a band with him because we had similar interests in music. Then he got his brother Shawn involved and we began jamming together, things just fit and we began creating music regularly together.

Guitars/Backing Vocals, Shawn the Dead: Dead Harrison started first as Graveyard Shift in 2007, which was a lineup change from a previous version of the band. Drae disbanded the original version of Graveyard Shift and resurrected it with new people and new songs as a 4 piece. Within a year or two, the band went to a 3 piece, the current lineup, and changed the band name to Mortuus Ortus, a Latin translation of Dead Having Risen. Mortuus Ortus continued playing shows and writing music for a few years until the band decided to rebrand with a name that was easier to remember, pronounce, and spell. Dead Harrison came about as it has a similar sound pattern as Dead Having Risen, a translated version of Mortuus Ortus. The band has continued under this name ever since. 

2. Why did you choose Doom, and how would you describe your style?

Andre: I suppose we chose doom because of life. A certain element that creates a foreboding feeling, like Death is always there, something in the shadows, a beast that you can feel its presence without it necessarily being in sight. The sound. The deep penetration into the brain through those specific sound waves. With the style comes our own interpretation. A compilation of influences of those in the sound and bordering it's tonality. Our style? Doom with a dash of metal, heavy rock, punk, blues, with a pop. Creating a story of sorts.

Jason: I think Doom chose us. Based on our collective styles, this is just the sound that came out of us.

Shawn: Dead Harrison is a blend of multiple styles, most notably doom, stoner, punk, psychedelic, heavy metal, and dashes of prog depending on which song you listen to. All three members have wide ranging musical tastes and backgrounds which contribute to this blending of styles. The overall intended feel of Dead Harrison though is to bring a full, heavy, and melodic sound that will make you groove. 

3. What would you consider to be the high point of your career so far?

Andre: Every day is a high point. Every opportunity something new. We've done lots of cool shit. We went on an East Coast tour last summer, we have been making contacts for a West Coast tour this year, and we have our own beer coming out.

Jason: The creation of Dead Harrison's Creamatory-Cino, a beer we are brewing with Lithermans Limited Brewery and rolling out for release this Summer.

Shawn: Going on an East coast tour was definitely one of the biggest highlights of our career. Opening for Michael Graves, Green Jello, and the Genitorturers were some of the biggest shows. We are planning to do more both on the East and West Coasts, and as we do every year, our annual Halloween shows. 

4. Which three bands most influenced you?

Andre: Type O Negative takes number one….Black, that is. Ever since I first heard them, they were my jams, they were the ones that kept me going. Rest in peace Peter. Secondly, Corrosion of Conformity. That sound. It just hit the right places. Third, more recently...I dig that Queens of the Stone Age vibe.

Jason: Judas Priest, King Diamond, Pink Floyd.

Shawn: My biggest influencers are Black Sabbath, Pantera, and Metallica. My doom favorites are Type O Negative, Corrosion of Conformity, and The Sword. 

5. What are your plans for the near future?

Andre: Take over the world! Well, at least give it a shimmer of hope. There are a lot of plans beyond the music, but first, getting our EP "All for None" on disc. The plan is to get as many people as possible to listen.

Jason: Make a music video and travel.

Shawn: Planning on doing a music video, recording more material for a future full length album, releasing the Dead Harrison beer, and traveling. 

6. If there is anything you would like to add, the last words are yours.

Andre: Go check the out the music on Bandcamp. There is more to the band than meets the eye...or ear. Most of all, we encourage each and every one of you to get to a local show. Support the guys and gals that are doing this music for your entertainment as an outlet from the ever depressing, doomy world around us. Come get enlightened, grab some energy. The stars give it freely.

Shawn: Upcoming shows are Cinco de Mayo 5/5 in Rutland, Vermont at Rick & Kat's Howlin Mouse, 5/20 at Jewel Nightclub in Manchester, NH, 6/9 in Waterloo. NY, and 7/13 for Dead Harrison's Creamatory-Cino beer release party.

Doom Band Dead Harrison Strikes Again

Halloween Glow Party

New Hampshire Union Leader

NASHUA - Rock band Dead Harrison is at it again with a Halloween party at the glow bowling alley at Leda Lanes, 340 Amherst St., from 6 to 11 p.m. Saturday.

The theme of the show is a Radioactive Halloween. The Dead Harrison crew has built a stage depicting a power plant and will have an electrifying light show to set the mood. 

It's a family-friendly event with crafts, candy, a costume contest with prizes, and a musical lineup that also includes rock bands Victim of Circumstance, Oziem and Lobotomobile. In addition, Chad Michael from What Box Creations will showcase his blacklight airbrush art and JJ Sawicki of Odin's Eye Studios will present pyrographic wood-burned art. 

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Doom Brew

New Beer named after local band

By Michael Witthaus

Dead Harrison may be the best local band you’ve never seen. Taking cues from early 1970s proto-metal — the lead track of their new EP All For None could be a Master of Reality outtake — and goth rock like Type O Negative and Corrosion of Conformity, the Nashua trio has stellar studio work on their resume, but few live dates. 

That’s changing, and their profile will be raised even more with the release of a craft beer bearing their name, and a show to celebrate it.

Andre Dumont, Dead Harrison drummer and lead singer, met Litherman’s Brewing co-founder Michael Hauptly-Pierce when he played with The Chemical Distance, before turning from music to beer in 2013. The two remained friends and one day Dumont came up with an idea and bounced it off him.

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