The music of original dark melodic rock band Dead Harrison is driven by down-tuned guitar riffs, psychedelic bass licks, tribal drumming, and hypnotic clean vocals interspersed with piercing death growls. The band brings to life songs about the human spirit’s ability to rise and their lyrics speak to us of our greatest fears, hopes, lessons, and dreams.

Dead Harrison blends the iconic sounds of old-school punk rock, gothic metal, and stoner doom with their own unique brand of heavy rock to create a sonic experience that is both timeless and fresh. They are truly a testament to the power of music to move us and inspire us.

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Dead Harrison has always been known as a Halloween band. If you like the dark and spooky side, Monolith Lord is an otherworldly tune that will give you the chills. Listen to more music here

Monolith Lord

by Dead Harrison | Single Released October 31, 2023

NEW! Music Video: Shadow Prism

Watch Dead Harrison’s latest music video by a student filmmaker appropriately named Harrison Watson. The video Shadow Prism is a journey into space, beyond time, into another dimension. Watch more videos here

Tales of the Dead

Read the latest news and happenings from the underworld. Welcome to The Darkness, we have tales of the Dead to tell.  Follow us on Social

Dank Music April 13th

Dank Music April 13th

We're excited to be sharing the stage with our friends Dank Sinatra, our drummer Thraxx's band, along with Buster, and Archdruid at The Shaskeen Irish Pub & Restaurant in Manchester, New Hampshire, April 13th 9-12pm. $10 Cover, 21 +

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