Doom rock band Dead Harrison releases their latest single, End of the Bloodline. Not your average doom band, Dead Harrison combines elements of doom metal, gothic rock, punk, and psychedelic rock into their creations and has been likened to bands like Kyuss, Black Sabbath, Sisters of Mercy, Misfits, Corrosion of Conformity, and Type O Negative.

While the music in End of the Bloodline is melodic and uplifting, the lyrics speak of annihilation, destruction, and certain death, making it the perfect doom anthem for 2020. Although the song was written before the chaos of 2020, it is a timeless song similar in concept to Credence Clearwater Revival’s, Bad Moon Rising.

In the Summer of 2018, the band began crafting the release of End of the Bloodline when they decided to create a craft beer called End of the Blood-Lime with Lithermans Limited Brewery in Concord, New Hampshire. The long-awaited single was recorded prior to the pandemic with Producer and Recording Engineer Joel Simches of Sonic Enhancement Specialists, LTD., a leading producer known in the Boston music industry for working with notable bands such as Walter Sickert and the Army of Broken Toys, Lucretia’s Daggers, and FrostofDoom and doing sound for ONCE Ballroom and the infamous on the Town with Mikey Dee show on WMFO Tufts Radio Boston.

End of the Bloodline is a modern-day protest song and has been likened to early punk-rock anthems from the 1980s with its rousing chorus and group-sing-a-long harmonies, personifying a depth of character that tells a story of lost dreams, moral decay, and self-sabotage, offering little hope at the end of life.

“I feel that these lyrics are among my finest work, if not my personal best”, Jason Skulls.

“My favorite part of the song is the very end with the repeating acoustic guitar and syncopated singing. It was a very late spontaneous addition to the song that still gives me chills”, Shawn the Dead.

“A song that will stand the test of time, if we make it…” Drae the Dead

End of the Bloodline is sung by front-man Andre Dumont (Drae the Dead) who also plays drums on the track, with backing vocals by guitarist Shawn Dube (Shawn the Dead), and bassist Jason Freitas (Jason Skulls). The artwork for the song is created by Andre Dumont and consists of both digital and fine art, with the use of symbolism depicting an avante garde scene of death, dissolution, and rebirth in the endless cycle of life.

End of the Bloodline is on all streaming services and the band can be found on all Social Media platforms.

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